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But here we have time to play. And that, too, lets the audience relax and enjoy itself.

In Deathtrap, Levin plays with dimensionality. We are more apt to laugh at Sidney than to cry at his tragic greed. We are able to laugh because he is unreal at the same time that we can experience him as completely real, feel his pain and his hatred, his grandiosity and his emptiness. Log in Remember me. Lost your password? Buy Tickets. Photo Credit: Emma Patterson. Robert Petkoff and Susan Wands. Deathtrap, Robbie Simpson and Robert Petkoff. Robbie Simpson 'Clifford'. Dathan B.

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Williams 'Porter Milgrim'. Susan Wands 'Myra'. Alison Fraser 'Helga'. Browse Shows Season. Your Visit The Magic of Dennis. Restaurants Lodging.

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A look back at our whirlwind 93rd season! So much hard work and talent went into each and every part. Thank you! A heartfelt thank you to the cast, crew, and staff who worked so hard to end our season on a high note! Come explore The Cape Playhouse! Join us Saturday, August 31st from pm. Chat with the staff, see a selection from our archives, and explore the nations longest running summer theatre!

What an absolutely incredible Summer! Thank you all for making our 93rd season truly memorable! You can get more information on the Court Ordered Service program here. I am under 16 years of age but I want to volunteer.

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What can I do to help the animals? However, there are plenty of ways you can help if you are under the age of Kids under 16 can volunteer with their parent or guardian present, or help in other ways. What do you have available for group volunteering? Angels of Assisi offers great team building opportunities by having work groups maximum of seven people come in and help with various projects such as weeding, painting and small building projects.

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Why am I required to wear an Angels of Assisi branded volunteer shirt? Members of the public need to be able to easily identify Angels of Assisi staff and volunteers and for emergency purposes all volunteers need to wear an Angels of Assisi approved shirt. Can I bring my pet when I volunteer? Angels of Assisi recognizes the value of having companion animals in the work environment and supports staff animals coming to work if certain considerations are met.

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Volunteers are requested to not bring their own animals on campus when they volunteer for several different reasons, including exposure to contagious illness, confinement and liability concerns as well as the need for proper introductions with staff dogs who may already be in the shelter. Do I have to work holidays? The animals at Angels of Assisi require care each day of the year. When we are closed to the public, we may not require some volunteers to come in, but certain other positions are necessary.

Any volunteer who works in cleaning positions or dog walking should plan on coming in if possible. Can I be a foster parent volunteer? Teenagers looking to fulfill community service hours for school are not eligible to receive credit for hours spent fostering animals. How often does a foster animal need to be brought in for check-ups?

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Foster parent volunteers need to transport animals to Angels of Assisi on a regular basis for vaccinations, vet checks, weight checks and spay and neuter surgeries. Vaccination appointments and weigh-ins for kittens and puppies are scheduled every few weeks. Veterinarian appointments are scheduled as needed for each animal, generally every days. We will simply call another foster family. You can foster as little or as much as you want. Will a foster animal have accidents or cause damage? Foster animals, like any other companion animal in your home, may destroy carpeting, drapes, clothing and other valuable items.

Young animals are more likely to have accidents in the home based on their age. Preparing your home and the area the animals will stay in by removing valuable items and providing enrichment items toys, climbing towers for cats, etc. Do I need to keep foster animals separate from my pets? Foster animals should be isolated from your own companion animals for the health and safety of both the foster animal and your own companions. A separate room or enclosed area, ideally with no carpet, often works best like a bathroom, bedroom with no carpet or a laundry room.

Will Angels of Assisi treat my pet if he is injured or becomes sick because of a foster animal? If your animal becomes sick or injured due to interactions with an Angels of Assisi foster animal, you will be responsible for all medical care required.

It can be difficult to let go once you have become emotionally attached to a foster animal. Be prepared for tears and some heartache when you bring your foster animals back to Angels of Assisi, but remember foster families play a crucial part in helping unwanted animals get the permanent, loving homes they deserve. Are foster animals ever euthanized? Sometimes adoption is not an option for animals with some illnesses or behavior problems even after the animal has been fostered.

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Angels of Assisi will determine if other options, including transfer to an animal rescue group, are appropriate and available. Knowing that an animal you have fostered may need to be humanely euthanized can be very hard to handle. Please remember that the Angels of Assisi foster care team is always here for support, and will discuss the decision with you as appropriate. What if a friend or family member wants to adopt my foster animal?

Thank you for helping find homes for your foster animals. Please keep in mind however, that the animals will not be available until their medical work, including spay or neuter surgery, is completed. This can happen when foster parents fall in love with the animals. Having available foster homes is crucial for saving lives, so we ask foster parents to consider how adopting a foster animal may affect their ability to continue fostering other animals in the future. Frequently Asked Questions. General Questions How did Angels of Assisi start?

Does Angels of Assisi teach classes? Why does Angels of Assisi interview potential adopters? Back to top.