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Thai Immigration Police Bureau chief Pol Lt-General Sompong Chingdoung on Friday highlighted four recent cases to illustrate the agency's success against law-breaking foreigners. More in News. Napping baby elephant brings smiles to netizens. Higher tax on sweetened beverages expected to reduce public health woes. China does not export its ideology, says Chinese ambassador in response to criticism.

National unity, Bin Bunluerit the winners in flood crisis: poll.

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Celebrating 30th Bhutan-Thailand diplomatic relations. Fuel consumption up 1. The outgoing interim prime minister, Surayud Chulanont , took office vowing to right Mr Thaksin's wrongs. Yet this week he said there was insufficient evidence to take legal action over the killings. It is easy to see why the tide has turned. Sunai Phasuk, a researcher for NGO Human Rights Watch, says that the panel's original report named the politicians who egged on the gunmen.

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But after the PPP won last month's elections, those names were omitted. The New York Times reported on 8 April Since the death of 9-year-old Chakraphan, there have been frequent reports in the Thai press of summary executions and their innocent victims. There was the month-old girl who was shot dead along with her mother, Raiwan Khwanthongyen. There was the pregnant woman, Daranee Tasanawadee, who was killed in front of her two young sons.

There was the 8-year-old boy, Jirasak Unthong, who was the only witness to the killing of his parents as they headed home from a temple fair. There was Suwit Baison, 23, a cameraman for a local television station, who fell to his knees in tears in front of Mr. Thaksin and begged for an investigation into the killing of his parents.

His stepfather had once been arrested for smoking marijuana, Mr. Suwit said. Both parents were shot dead as they returned home from the police station on a motorbike.

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Suwit said 10 other people in his neighborhood had also been killed after surrendering to the police. The Constitution of Thailand prohibits acts of torture, but the Thai legal system has no definition of torture and torture is not recognized as an offence by Thailand's legal system. In a report entitled, "Make Him Speak by Tomorrow": Torture and other Ill-Treatment in Thailand [37] that was to have been formally released in Bangkok on 28 September , Amnesty International accused the Thai police and military of 74 incidents of brutality.

An Amnesty International press conference to unveil the report was halted by Thai authorities who cited Thai labour laws prohibiting visiting foreigners from working in Thailand. The government spokesman, General Sansern Kaewkamnerd, emphasized that, "Our investigations into such allegations have shown no indication of torture, I have seen no indication of torture and the Thai people have seen no indication of torture, Section 28 of the Thai constitution states, "A torture, [sic] brutal act or punishment by cruel or inhumane means shall be prohibited. The bill would criminalise torture and enforced disappearances, including during wars and political unrest.

The draft law specifies that the Department of Special Investigation DSI be responsible for investigating cases of enforced disappearance and torture. Only in events where DSI officials are accused of such crimes would police be assigned to investigate. Were the bill to become a law, every government agency restricting people's rights would be required to maintain a database of people whose rights are restricted, actions taken, and the disposition of their cases. According to Amnesty Thailand , at least 59 human-rights defenders have been victims of forced disappearance since The military government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has refused to criminalize torture and enforced disappearances.

Human rights advocates across Asia fear that Southeast Asian countries, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos, have jointly agreed to cooperate to ensnare political activists who have fled their own borders and send them back to their home nations without due process to face torture and possible death.

According to the legal assistance group, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, at least 86 Thais left Thailand seeking asylum abroad following the military takeover in May Among them are the four members of the Thai band Fai Yen. Their music is their crime, as some of their songs mock the monarchy, a serious offense in Thailand. The band, whose name means 'cool fire', announced on social media that its members feared for their lives after "many trusted people told us that the Thai military will come to kill us. Since , there have been 11 physical assaults on political activists in Thailand.

Police investigations of the assaults have shown no progress. Regime critic Ekachai Hongkangwarn has been assaulted seven times [60] since Authorities appear powerless to stop the attacks. One culprit was arrested in , paid a fine, and was released. On 28 June , anti-junta activist Sirawith "Ja New" Seritiwat was attacked by four assailants wielding baseball bats on a busy Bangkok thoroughfare. Earlier in June, Sirawith was attacked by five men when traveling home from a political event.

In the case of the latest attack, the deputy prime minister broke the government's silence on political attacks and ordered the police to act swiftly to find the attackers.

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Burmese refugees in Thailand can stay in one of the refugee camps along the border with Burma, which protect them from arrest and summary removal to Burma but they lack freedom to move or work. Or, they can live and work outside the camps, but typically without recognized legal status of any kind, leaving them at risk of arrest and deportation.

From to , more than 76, Burmese refugees were resettled from the border camps to third countries, though the total number of camp residents has remained at about , Camp refugees who venture out of the camps are regarded by the Thai government as illegal aliens and are subject to arrest. Refugees working as camp security as well as camp leaders and camp residents with hidden connections to ethnic armed groups inside Burma all wield power in the camps. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

National Assembly. Judiciary Law. Election Commission Recent elections General: Senate: Administrative divisions. Changwat provinces Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Thesaban municipalities. Foreign relations. Related topics. Southern insurgency political crisis political protests military crackdown —14 political crisis.

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Other countries Atlas. See also: Constitution of Thailand. Main articles: Human trafficking in Thailand and Child prostitution in Thailand. Thailand portal. Concordian International School. Retrieved Marriage between a foreigner and a Thai national does not automatically entitle the foreigner spouse an unlimited period of stay in Thailand. At most, it only renders the foreigner spouse eligible for a marriage visa. Most importantly, marriage to a Thai national does not entitle the foreigner spouse to directly and personally own a piece of land in this tropical dreamland.

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