No Equipment, No Excuses, Bodyweight Training for the Home, Office & on the Road

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And the app constantly updates adding new workouts and instructors.

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Tackle both sides of the equation with this app, which pairs exercise programs and meal plans. Weekly HIIT workouts geared toward your experience level fry fat and rev your metabolism while the food side of the app helps you take note of everything you eat. The TRX suspension trainer is a great, compact piece of gear to have in your home; it takes basic bodyweight moves to new levels of difficulty.

The app a subscription is included when you buy a TRX boasts tons of training videos to help you dial in your workout. Every session alternates brief rest periods with intervals, usually 30 to 45 seconds. You can also sync the app with your Apple Watch or other tracker, then tap to review your time, calories burned, and other stats and share them on social media.

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This app, created by LA-based trainer Mike Donavanik , features fresh members-only exclusive workouts weekly, led by high-profile instructors like Anja Garcia and Astrid Swan. Browse the sessions by type or time, or follow along for the new offerings and challenges each week. One of the best ways to track your fitness is tracking your heart rate while you work out.

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It even gives you the ability to scan food barcodes or enter them manually to get accurate calorie and nutrient counts. Plus, it learns from your feedback and tailors workouts just for you. You can also use the app to find a place to train near you. Get your Om on with the more than yoga and meditation classes available through Daily Yoga. Yoga for runners, daily stretch, 5-minute abs —the exercise routines in Sworkit are fine-tuned to meet your fitness goals. Choose from a category strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching and your goals to get fitter, leaner, stronger. Then, you can pick a workout based on the amount of time you have.

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With plans ranging from an hour down to as little as five minutes, you have no excuses to not squeeze in a quick workout. This is the fitness app for minimalists. Seven promises to whip you into shape in just seven minutes a day using only a chair, a wall, and your body weight. Follow along with 3D animated moves and audio cues.

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The app challenges you to keep up the daily workouts for seven months; if you miss more than three workouts per month, it resets and you start over at day one. Choose from plans as short as four minutes to rev your heart rate or a minute yoga session to wind down on your most hectic days.

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That coach will then work with you on a personalized plan via the app and send you feedback to keep you moving. Free with in-app purchases iOS.


Type keyword s to search. Letting yourself really let loose to your favorite pop tunes can actually burn some serious calories.

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This stretching and strengthening practice will help you focus on breath work so you can not only get stronger, leaner, and better at balancing, but you also have the added benefit of walking away feeling a little more grounded and relaxed. There are so many ways to modify the practice to make it as relaxing or as challenge as you need. Even a few sun salutations every day will have you shining bright. Done correctly, Pilates moves are some of the simplest and most effective in almost any style of working out. A few sets of good Pilates exercises focused on certain areas of the body will leave you sore for days with, what will feel like, very little overall exertion.

enter Do be careful, though, that you do the exercises slowly and as correctly as you can. These moves are made to be especially difficult and target multiple areas. Let that movie or any boxing video you may watch inspire you to try it yourself. Shadowboxing is a great way to engage your entire body while getting a decent cardio workout in. So if you think you need to have access to a ton of different weight options to get strong muscles, think again. Of course, if you do want to go the more traditional route, splurging on a set of dumbbells could make a big difference for you.

To cut the difference between weight training and only using your bodyweight, you can invest in workout bands of different tension. Even though spin class might torch calories in a very short period of time, regular old biking can also do a lot more for your basic fitness levels than sitting in a car or at your desk.

Swapping out some shorter car rides for a bike session will have your lungs and your legs thanking you once, you know, they both recover from a little healthy exertion.

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Even the busiest people — in fact sometimes especially the busiest people — find themselves walking a ton. Speaking of heart rate, if you really want to get that blood flowing, jumping rope will absolutely get you in great shape and very quickly. Sure, a human gym partner might keep you accountable for working out. But people who spend tons of time working know that they tend to hang out with their office furniture way more than their gym bestie. And while it can be an ideal time to lounge and soak up some welcome sun rays, it can also be a great time to get a good workout in.