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If so, have we followed Matthew 18 and talked to the person instead of about the person? If we have frustrations that we have not dealt with, those same frustrations will most likely follow us to the next church. Before we leave, have we done everything we can to make peace in the situation? As a pastor, I know how difficult it is to express frustrations with church leadership. It may be difficult, but Christians are called to a higher standard. Without attacking, have we expressed our concerns with the church leadership? Are we willing to get our hands dirty and become a part of the solution?

Have we prayed about leaving? These are tough questions that force us to get real. If God is truly calling us to leave, then no one should stop us from obeying. When two people from different churches get married, how do they decide whose church to attend? One of the two involved will be leaving his or her church, and that is OK.

It may even be healthy to select a neutral church and begin your new family in a new church. It is difficult to be an active participant of a church that is more than a minute drive. Find a local church in your community where you can serve and participate.

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This should not be considered lightly. Where there is more than one vision, we have division. We should do everything we can to seek unity. But I still struggled to make myself go. I wanted to go, but only because I assumed it was my duty. So I drug myself to that pile of bricks almost every day. I never lost a passion for the work I was doing, I only struggled with the demand that I go…So I did the only thing I could think to do.

I quit going. That trip to see my parents was a watershed moment for me because it began a process of healing in my heart and mind that I never saw coming.

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I was listening to a podcast when my eyes were finally opened to the truth. In a single moment, the Lord used one of his servants to free me from an obligation that had wrecked my happiness, and stripped my ministry of potential fruit.

I almost had to pull off the road for a minute because of the overwhelming sense of relief I felt. I realized that I was pressuring myself to do something that was impossible. I never went back to church after that. There may be legitimate problems addressed by the bullet points that can be legitimately discussed and legitimately brought to the attention of those who consider quitting for a poor reason.

The above, however, is not a good way to do it. As for first impressions, only a fool trusts them. For a variety of reasons, a first impression can and often does give an entirely incorrect image of someone—as do second and third impressions too, if too superficial. Meeting someone once and drawing conclusions is about as effective as throwing a coin and making a judgment based on the outcome.

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The modern no judging Jesus is not from the bible. It is true that so many Christians have not the love of Christ. He taught that what is right is right, and he was not above preaching and calling people fools and blind! Love is telling the truth even if it offends someone. And for the record Jesus who was God in the flesh was at the temple on the Sabbath with a bunch of hypocrites and liars and many of those people wanted to kill him.

So church isnt really all that bad. God bless and I agree with the brothers 7 reasons! Anonymous I can see your comment on not seeing your replies, not sure why I see the comment but nor the actual replies, wierd. I have been always told that the truth hurts, and you can never satisfy everyone, as for me I must say before I allowed God to have control of my life, quite a few of those statement I have said, but God showed me that it was all me making excuses to avoid HIM…Thankful he is such a forgiving God..

We all have our opinions, views and perceptions, be them wrong or right. I have known Mr. She is a very caring, compassionate Christian lady. We reunited after many years in December, which was when I met Mr. I did not get an incorrect impression. I perceive a lot of judging of Mr. Johnson, which some are accusing him of doing.

Do you see a double standard here?


I Quit Going to Church and I Couldn’t Be Happier - Jeremy A Walker

God bless us everyone! I truly appreciate everyone sharing their honest reaction to my article. Perhaps it will be helpful for you to know the impetus for the article. You see, I have attended the same congregation for nearly 40 years. During that time I have had my feelings hurt, seen friends treated unfairly, objected to decisions by the leaders, and witnessed scores of hypocrites in the pews.

As a result, I have had thoughts of quitting church. So I set about spending some time in introspection and prayer. The thoughts in the article are the product of that time spent. I wrote the article to help myself solidify some of ideas but also with the hopes that it would help some people I love dearly think again about their decision to quit attending church. One thing I was NOT saying is that a person should stay in an unhealthy situation.

I hope that these comments will help clarify the concerns of some of you. That last line was quite cruel. There are those of us who have struggled in church because we have been hurt, confused, and been exposed to difficulties in our walk with God, but you blame us? I have been in church for years but there ave been times i have been times when i needed my church and the family of believers and i got nothing. I simply could not face another week of putting on a smile and act like everything was okay because that was expected apparently.

Ronda, I hope you will read my followup article to this one.

Quit ‘Going To’ Church – New Sermon Series Begins October 4th

You need to define church. Church today is not the biblical model. My people perish for lack of knowledge. When churches have an outline and routinly follow without allowing God to lead, despise the prophets well then who wants to follow man? Without the Spirit leading with tradition then you are teaching history.

The Church is the people, not the venue. God bless,. Churches are hospitals for sinners; not hotels for saints. The same seedy, lustful, porn watching, adulterating, greedy, lying, backstabbing, cheating, gossiping people you encounter in society are the same people you sit beside in church. We are all afflicted with different degrees of sin. The only difference being that those who have surrendered their life to Christ and earnestly attend church realize their struggle and their need to attain the Grace and forgiveness in Christ Jesus; yet they remain imperfect and broken in their humanity nonetheless.

Look at how the Apostles failed Him; and they even walked with Him. Peter, the Rock on whom His earthly Church was built, denied Him.

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  8. Judas betrayed Him. We will never be made whole until He returns. If you view the earthly broken body of Christ His Church in this light; it is much easier to come to terms with its shortcomings.

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    If this post bothers you, let me just say, its in sarcasm so lighten up. I have heard everyone of these excuses and its true and silly of the excuses people use to quit church. She hits the nail on the head. There is no perfect church. Go for you not others. Find a church that spiritually feeds your needs. I thought people would read it and smile at the hyperbole and maybe think, too.

    I Quit Church And I’m Happy About It

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I admire people who are faithful even to their own hurt. My experience is a bit different in the sense that I began to see that church: in most cases has become a business. Barna put out a book why people are leaving the church, not leaving Christ, but the institutional concept.