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Pretty boring. The son of a doctor, Earle set out to create an easier way for her to bandage her injuries. Soon Band-Aids were selling like hotcakes, and the rest is boo-boo history. Barry Wittenstein has always been involved with writing, from contributing to his high school and college newspapers, to writing and performing poetry on stage in San Francisco, songwriting, sports writing, and now picture books. He lives in New York City. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she now lives with her husband and three children near Boulder, Colorado. I really enjoyed reading about Barry.

I totally agree that children should read non fiction early. Thanks for the opporunity to win.

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Author Bianca Schulze. It usually takes three or four days to record a book. Sometimes a novel has a half-dozen characters on the same page, and he must give each a distinctive vocal identity, including the women. Guidall joked.


I want to go. I want them to teach me some tricks. Writers should want to have their books heard as well as read, according to Mr.

He is also vulnerable to taking an unpleasant character home with him. The hunter would come back having killed the behemoth, and he became the storyteller in the cave.

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He likens himself to the wizard of Oz — a voice behind a curtain that creates an illusion. Enhanced eBook. Price may vary by retailer.

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