The Next Hour: The most important hour in your logbook

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I don't think buying a plane is a benchmark in your flying.

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I bought one before I had one lesson although i flew in small planes a bunch before that. I would say that your first flight at the controls logged or not, in my case not , your first solo, and then prob each time you get a new rating or checked out in a new plane. Then again maybe each time you flew somewhere new. There is way too much awesome stuff to do and be proud of! Way to go kimberlyanne!

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Wow you fly a lot Kim! Good for you. I think hours was around when I got rent checked on instead of the I was flying. Biggest moment?

7 Important Points To Consider While Filling Out Engine Room Log Book

Probably getting on the PPL written. Flying was the easy part for me, sitting down and studying was extremely hard. I had to stop flying for a few months and force myself to hit the books, I wasn't sure I could do it.

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  • I gained a lot of confidence in my ability and personality after that. IR written feels much easier, and I've only been studying for 6 months.

    I'd probably initially fly the DA20 as the rent is much more affordable. Doesn't matter how many hours you've flown - only the next hour is the most important one in your logbook - so sayeth Richard Collins in his book "The Next Hour: The most important hour in your logbook" I bought and read the Kindle version of that book.

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    It was a good read. Jim Logajan , Oct 4, NBH , Oct 4, Statistically, the safest pilots are the new pilots. Statistically, pilots with - hours are the worst. Geico , Oct 4, I'm 35 and have about 10,hrs or so haven't added it up in about a year. Nothing can describe watching someone fly a plane knowing they learned it from you - 1st captain position at an airline. Heck of a feeling knowing no matter what happens, everyone is looking to you for answers - watching venus dance just above the horizon at 30W over the north atlantic, vividly changing from white to red to green to blue to yellow and back..

    No one looking directly over your shoulder, just go do your job, stay out of the trees, and have a lot of fun. Rex Kramer , Oct 4, DavidWhite , Oct 4, I hit about a month ago while getting my High Performance endorsement. The big moment for me was flying my family down to South Texas for a weekend vacation. That was sort the 'big payoff' for all of the training. It was good to be at ' and hear my wife say "this is pretty awesome, I'm glad you did this".

    MadseasoN , Oct 4, You made me look, anyway. I wasn't doing anything notable at hours. During that flight I took some some college classmates up in a to take pictures of the town of Oakley, CA from the air. Oakley was a small farming community then as I recall. The biggest moment for me wasn't really a flight. I would say that it was getting my first full-time job as a mapping pilot. It was not just getting the job, but I moved alone to a place I had never seen before the day they flew me up for the interview, Boise, ID. In the approach phase especially, a good pilot in command understands—and is able to execute—the relationship between airspeed and pitch, altitude and power.

    Hopefully, your instructor can demonstrate this and explain it in a way that you understand. Being in command of these elements will boost your self-confidence and go a long way toward making you a true PIC. Part of being in command is realizing you have a problem and taking measures to fix it.

    When it comes time to land, pick a spot on the runway right on that big, dotted line!

    A peek into the logbooks of history’s notable pilots.

    If you need help, then get with a good instructor and work on it. You can be in command. Your email address will not be published. What does it really mean to be the Pilot in Command? The strength of those definitions lies in the action verbs. The short answer: a good instructor. You can be a PIC—if you work on it. Header photo credit: PhillipC via photopin cc. Casual Daypacks Try our Casual Daypacks section and we'll try to locate the lowest price we can! Children's Backpacks. Children's Backpacks Our Children's Backpacks category is filled with quality products - have a look for yourself!


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