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This shows how sexual child abuse has been structurally covered for years within the organization through an internal legal system based on Biblical procedures. For a few months, teenagers all over the world have been skipping school to fight for a more robust climate policy. We follow the founders of Belgian organization Youth for Climate and meet their biggest inspiration Greta Thunberg in Brussels.


Facebook celebrates its 15th anniversary on February 4, Quite a party! In a three-part documentary series we dive into the mother of all social networks. How did the medium emerge 15 years ago? What is Facebook's global impact on our well-being, privacy and democracy? Now watching: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3. Log in to view video. For the sins of the fathers factual current affairs 1 season 3 episodes 45 min available as ready made. Later they start doing their own sins. It doesn't help that the Centauri won't admit to having occupied Narn, claiming that they were helping to uplift the Narn savages and got attacked for their trouble.

Emperor Turhan, however, has gone out of his way to appease the Narn by returning the territories and making what amends he can. Despite these actions, G'Kar cannot see the difference between the man and the family he came from and fully intended to kill the Emperor when he came to the station. Of course, the Vree have never abducted anyone.

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The likely candidates would have been the Streib. The Vree just happen to look like your typical Greys and fly around in flying saucers.

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Some material indicates that they have indeed visited Earth in the 20th century on a routine survey mission. They find the fact that this had a big impact on human culture hilarious. A teenage girl is found dead and about two or three months pregnant. At first, the detectives suspect her music teacher It turns out that her boyfriend, who fathered the baby, is her half brother since her mom's boyfriend and her biological father is her boyfriend's father, married to another woman.

He is not happy to find out about this. Toyed with but ultimately averted in a later episode. The defendant is a man who, decades earlier, had been Forced to Watch as his mother was gang-raped by three KKK members. As an adult, the man had tracked down the granddaughter of one of the rapists and had intended to rape her so that her grandfather would feel what he had felt. But when he broke in to do it and actually had to look at the granddaughter, he realized that in order to do what he'd planned, he would have to hurt an innocent woman who had nothing to do with what happened to his mother she wasn't even born yet , and he couldn't go through with it.

Unsurprisingly, it takes the police and the DA a while to sort this one out. A man murders his father so he can inherit a house, which hosts party goers who are eventually revealed to be the vengeful spirits of people his father had burned to death several decades ago. They'd been wanting to return the favor, but since the father is dead, they settle for getting revenge on the son instead. They even reenacted the night of their murder, just to confirm that he deserved to die for his father's crime.

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The son acted exactly like his father. Romeo asked Juliet's father if there was anyway the two families could reconcile. The reply: "I can forget your grandfather killed mine. I can forget your great-grandfather killed mine. I can even forget your great-great-grandfather killed mine. In 2 Broke Girls Caroline is hated by many people because her father ran a Ponzi Scheme that cost thousands of people their life savings. While Caroline did not know about the fraud, her lavish lifestyle was funded by the stolen money.

Smallville : Jonathan Kent instantly dislikes Lex Luthor solely because he is the son of Lionel Luthor, a man he detests. In the episode "Hourglass," this is Harry Bollston's whole M. After originally being sent to prison for murdering the son of a teacher who recommended someone else for a prestigious scholarship, he gets out and starts plotting to kill the children of the jurors from his trial, including Jonathan. An episode of the original Battlestar Galactica involves a prison populated by descendants of the original criminals. Thief And yes that includes things that aren't even considered criminal in our society e. A running gag is the prisoners wondering what sort of crime starbucking is.

Simon and before him, his father Roy had the power to erase a Trouble by killing one person who had it, so he went on a killing spree of Troubled people, trying to wipe them out. Duke was completely ignorant of the Crocker ability and doesn't learn that he has inherited it or of his father's deeds until the episode "Sins of the Fathers". In season 4, Duke's brother Wade comes into town and many people also associate him with Simon while he is completely ignorant of what Simon has done.

Unfortunately, Wade eventually becomes just like Simon and Duke is forced to kill him to defend Jennifer. In The Adventures of Superboy episode "The Haunting of Andy McAlister", the ghosts of some wild west outlaws attempt to get revenge on Clark Kent's friend Andy because his ancestor was the sheriff who previously defeated them. An episode of Forever involves an old man who seemingly dies of cancer.

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He turns out to be the deposed king of a fictional East European country called Urkesh. Henry later finds out that the man had an illegitimate daughter who was working as a waitress. In the end, it turns out that the old man was killed by radiation poisoning by an employee at the Urkesh consulate, who recognized him and wanted to pay him back for being tortured back in Urkesh during the days of the monarchy.

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He also poisons the king's widow, but Henry manages to pump her stomach in time. The killer then goes after the girl, even though the main target of his revenge is dead, and the girl didn't even know about her heritage until a few days before. During the struggle, he hears a baby crying and realizes that there is another descendant for him to kill. Luckily, he's killed before he succeeds.

Wells from The is the son of Chancellor Jaha, leader of the dystopian Ark society who imposes a All Crimes Are Equal policy that got many people executed for their crimes that can go from murder, to whistleblowing, to having more than one child. As a result, most of the juvenile criminals who couldn't be executed until their majority hate Wells, as they've all been imprisoned by Jaha's police force or have seen their loved ones " floated " on his orders.

A young girl who was traumatized by her parents' deaths ends up murdering him. An episode of Bones reveals that one of the reasons why Booth has made service to his country and pursuit of justice his life's missions is because he is descended from John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln 's assassin, a relation he hides from everyone and is ashamed of. In his mind, he hopes to wash away the mark of treason from his family. Homicide: Life on the Street had an episode in which the homicide investigators find that an ordinary, middle-class, family man was murdered just because his ancestor a woman, in this case was a notorious pre- Civil War!

He justifies this by saying they were Jaime's relatives, but Robb Stark executes him for it, pointing out they were innocent children. The Karstarks and the Umbers betrayed the Starks.

After the ones responsible have been killed, in " Dragonstone ", Sansa and the others want their children to be punished as well. Jon Snow defies this and says he will not punish someone for someone else's crimes. In " Eastwatch ", Tormund nearly attacks Jorah Mormont when he finds out Jorah's father is Jeor, who had killed many of Tormund's people. Jon Snow defuses the situation. Jon himself deals with this issue, as he is the grandson of the Mad King Aerys and the son of Prince Rhaegar, who most of the realm believes kidnapped and raped Lyanna Stark.

It was for this reason that his uncle Eddard Stark passed him off as his illegitimate son. To date in Arrow Oliver's son, William, has been kidnapped twice by villain's looking to punish his father for interfering with their criminal activity, interference which sometimes included harming or killing people important to the villain.

Million Yen Women : Shin is shown getting harassed via his fax machine because of murders his father committed and it's generally played as unfairness towards him. Later, the fact that his father is a murderer benefits Shin in the form of boosting the sales of his book because of No Such Thing As Bad Publicity , which the sender of the faxes is shown to not like at all. Sharpe : In Sharpe's Peril , Sharpe happens to run into the bastard son of his late nemesis Hakeswill, currently under arrest for a theft he didn't commit.

Sharpe beats the poor guy up until Harper stops him, but in the end Hakeswill Jr. Wynonna Earp : After being released from his imprisonment , Bulshaar starts hunting down the descendants of the Purgatory townsfolk who originally sold him out to Wyatt Earp. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys did this a lot, especially in the earlier seasons.