The Wrong Bus, an Urban Christmas Story

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Sign up now. Follow us. Yes, we all know a horse wouldn't run all the way from New Jersey to New York City on pavement, but come on people use your imagination! Yes, Holly and Luke falling in love this quick could only happen on a Hallmark Christmas film, but so what? Christmas movies are supposed to be about love and happiness and this one fits the bill perfectly. In fact, it was my favorite of 's Christmas season, so do yourself a favor, ignore the critics and watch this gem of a movie! This movie is just plain bad. You can tell what will happen before you even start the movie.

I know its a Hallmark movie but its like they don't even try. Its the same story. Pretty girl has jerky boyfriend she loves. Meets a hot stranger while traveling home. They hit it off the boyfriend shows what a jerk he is and she ends up with the new guy. Nothing to say she was cheating on her boyfriend at Christmas time. Seriously try something new. Apparently my review is two short and I have to add a couple more lines. Not a fan of this review process. Seriously you should be able to say "I love this movie" or I hate this movie" and not have to write a book.

As someone from Texas I'm a little offended by how Texans are portrayed. The whole cowboy hat, carrying his saddle and fake accent threw me a little. Not to mention the throwing the fact he was a cowboy out there at every turn and that his brothers name was Bull? How cliche.

I really wanted to like this movie but i literally cringed at almost every turn.. Just was not what I was expecting. I usually like Hallmark movies, but this is one of the worst I have seen.

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They spent a lot of time talking about old John Wayne movies and this one was as poorly written and acted as one of his old B movies. Pardon me mam, did you "borrow that idea"? And the singing cowboy. He even sings a badly as his namesake. The poor horse is run through New York city only to be forced to carry two riders off set. They should have put the script in with the bus motor when it blew up.

There is one saving thing in the movie. They did not have the girls line dancing in short skirts and boots. And I am glad they stopped to water their horses halfway through the ride in Central Park. But overall, the dialog is so bad, even a good actors could not have saved the movie.

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I like a unique plot, not a ridiculous plot Sarah's continuous, dopey smile throughout the movie USN-Retired 3 November It must be difficult to write an original storyline for a Christmas movie because this one fails in so many areas. The plot is layered with tried and true situations blatantly taken from other, more successful efforts. Given that viewers are asked to suspend reality when watching fantasy movies, this should not be the case for romance dramas. In no way is this plot remotely believable. The characters are created from some secret method book for screenwriters. The self-centered male, antagonist.

His sweet and pretty female protagonist and a potential love interest. Stranded during a bus ride from Chicago to NY.

The Wrong Bus: An Urban Christmas Story by John Noel Hampton, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Throw in the quirky Texans. Strain the ill-fated relationship with issues of career. Add an unwanted and public proposal. Throw in a climatic horse ride from New Jersey to NYC and you'll be laughing more than you feel any true empathy or emotion in the end. This is a movie you have seen already, stitched together from other, more creative work.

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Best to pass this one by and see the original component movies, going so far back as It Happened One Night and most recently The Christmas Card Standard Hallmark Christmas movie fare, feel good, sweet romance, family stuff, you don't have to think too hard, nobody gets murdered. Here a woman with a successful boyfriend - who leaves her alone for the holidays -finds the sparks a-flying with the handsome cowboy she's been seated next to on the bus trip home to her parents.

Their unexpected encounter makes her contemplate weather she longs for safety or adventure. This was cute, not so much a Christmas movie more a romance centered around Christmas as an afterthought or reason for them to meet. Damon Runyan as Luke Shelton was sure pretty and made this worth a watch. I also enjoyed Canadian country singer George Canyon as his brother Bull. A bit rough in spots and it sometimes requires a willing suspension of belief but a likable story well acted well told and well directed. Christmas-Reviewer 14 May This film started off watchable.

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The two leads are good and I was thankful that the film did not start the would be lovebirds as adversary's. In this film a young woman finds herself almost all alone on Christmas when at the last minute her boyfriend needs to go to New York to land a huge client! If he lands the client he will be set for life. Before long she decides to surprise her boyfriend in New York and buys a last minute bus ticket. While on the bus she meets a cowboy.

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Before long they are hitting it off and then the bus breaks down. So the 2 end up in a rental car heading to the New York area. Before long they reach her parents house and they insist that the cowboy stay in their home for Christmas.

The cowboy is then allowed to bring his brother to what will be there first Christmas Celebration in years.